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Slice that fruit!

Fruit Ninja 2 is a free arcade game for mobile developed by Halfbrick Studios. Ten years after the release of the original game, the fun fruit game is back with better graphics, and new characters and location backgrounds. It now also comes with new solo modes and even a real-time online competition. With this, players can take on other ninjas around the globe on their way to becoming the Fruit Ninja champion. 

New features, same slicing fun

Fruit Ninja 2 brings back the original Fruit Ninja game to mobile devices. The gameplay is still the same, with players needing to slice the fruits that appear on their screen while avoiding the bombs. There are still powerups that you can slice up to get additional time or increase your points. You can also create combos, blitz, and critical hits for more chances of getting a higher score. As noted, though, the game got new solo modes in addition to the original classic, arcade, and zen modes. 

Now you can play the fun Minigame Shuffle and the Fruitar Hero modes. However, the real catch is the online multiplayer mode. With this, you can take on other players and rule the leaderboard as the Fruit Ninja Champion. However, to do so, you need to get a higher rank. Be warned, though: getting a higher ranking can be tedious. You need enough gold to improve your skills and update your blades. To get enough gold, you need to wait for weeks and even months—that is, if you don’t want to pay for the gold with real money. 

Aside from the upgrades locked behind microtransactions, there are some technical issues that can be a deal-breaker for Fruit Ninja 2. For one, the multiplayer mode often pits you against higher ranking players, so you end up being slaughtered in the PvP matches. Also, the leaderboard sometimes fails to record your high score, leaving your ranking stagnant. Finally, the server often cuts your connection, which causes you to lose an item, or worse, losing a game. 

Draw your blade

With Fruit Ninja 2, players can experience the same gameplay of the original title, but with the addition of new game modes. They can also share the excitement and challenge with other players with the online multiplayer mode. Moreover, the game has better graphics and new backgrounds to take them to different places. All in all, it has the same fun experience that the first Fruit Ninja has offered.


  • Better graphics
  • New solo game modes
  • Online multiplayer matches
  • New characters and background locations


  • No level-matching in the multiplayer mode
  • Slow game progression
  • Servers sometime cut connection in the middle of a game
  • Leaderboard often fails to save high scores


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Fruit Ninja 2


Fruit Ninja 2 2.0.1 for iPhone


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